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Abbie Gibson

A little about me…I am an Alaskan raised mom of 4. I have spent the majority of my career as a small business owner in the legal field. When I left Alaska 10 years ago, I wanted a career change. It is important to me to wake up every day and love what I am doing! I decided to get into esthetics because I believe in natural health and skin care and want to share that passion with the people I meet. I discovered sugaring and decided to give it a try after wax just wasn't agreeing with my skin. I immediately fell in love with this natural and effective form of hair removal- and I know you will too! 




I was born and raised in Boulder. I went to beauty school in 2009 for hair and unexpectedly ended up loving my esthetics classes. When I finally had the opportunity to be sugared after hearing about for years, I knew sugaring was the direction I wanted to take my career. I love the technique and finesse required for sugaring and providing a service I feel is more effective and better for our bodies and the environment. I am also a hairstylist at Arabella Salon in NE. 

Tessa Hubiak


A bit about me...I attended the Aveda Institute and earned my esthetics license in October of 2014. I began my career in esthetics in February of 2015 and soon after, moved from my hometown of Camas, WA here to Portland. I am a big green beauty enthusiast which feeds my passion for plant based skincare and sugar hair removal. When outside the treatment room I often spend my time outdoors, or enjoying the company of my family. I love having the opportunity to meet new people, and being able to help them feel confident and comfortable in their own skin!

Taylor Burgara


I was born and raised in Oregon. I grew up in Canby and went to the Aveda Institute Portland. I have always been obsessed with all things beauty and I always knew I wanted to help people in some way when it came to what I did for a living. Being able to work as an esthetician I’m able to combine those two passions and create a positive impact on peoples day. When I learned what sugaring was I knew it was the route I wanted to take my career, as someone who is obsessed with green beauty it was a perfect fit! 

Collyn Mann

IMG_6589 2.JPG

I was born in Washington but was raised most of my life in Portland. I have a little boy that means the world to me, and is the reason I went to cosmetology school. I went to Phagans school of hair design, I went for nails and hair, but ended up loving esthetics! I finished at the top of my class in each field. I enjoy being able to make anyone that comes to me be able to leave feeling refreshed and beautified. I have always had a passion for this field. I look forward to meeting you and being able to enhance your natural beauty!

Aden White


Morgan Emerson

I am from Oregon and while I moved around quite a bit I always knew I would end up back in Oregon because it’s home and where my heart is! I love everything about Oregon and it’s the perfect place for me because in my free time you can find me outdoors hiking, paddleboarding, snowboarding… anything really! I have an Australian Shepherd that is my #1 adventure buddy- don’t get me started talking about her, I tend to get carried away! I wanted to pursue esthetics because I love sugaring and everything about it: it’s all natural, environmentally friendly, and yields amazing, lasting results. I personally have been getting sugared for 10 years and I finally took the plunge and decided I wanted to be able to be the one to give others the sugaring experience.

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